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A film is a work of art that is made via a series of pictures on video And with sound. Cinema, or the craft of making films of various types, is regarded by individuals among those 7 arts and is currently among the most popular, reaching a significant variety of viewers around the world. All movies have certain general features that can differ from case to case.
The term"film" is normally used as a synonym for Cinematographic work, that is, a narrative that's literary or documentary; listed on a medium (electronic container or elastic picture ) that is recorded and read through an occasional or continuous mechanism in the image sequences. All of cinematographic films are called"film" or"movie".

Among those classic Hollywood films is"Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas"; led at 1998 by Terry Gilliam and starring the legendary duo of Johnny Depp and Raoul Duke. This film also features a cast of gold including Cameron Diaz, Tobey Maguire, Red Hot Chili Peppers fleas, and Hunter S. Thompson in a cameo made during the movie. The movie's premiere in the box office fetches $13.7 million, for a budget of $18.5 million.
Director Terry Gilliam wanted the film to be insecure, dividing critics And fans; and was tremendously effective in doing so, according to the mixed reviews which were published after the film was released in theaters.

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